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We're founded on a few enduring principles.

  • The Indo-Pacific technology and industrials sector has great potential

  • Specialised expertise is vital for investing in this complex and dynamic sector

  • Close partnerships with ambitious companies can unlock outsized value

  • Building businesses for lasting growth creates the equity for all stakeholders

Today we continue to growing our investment record atop these lasting beliefs.

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We invest with global technology perspective, but operate with local knowledge and skills.

We invest only in markets we know, and in companies where we can make a difference.

We earn trust with business leaders through insight, contribution and empathy.

We invest responsibly to build lasting
equity for all stakeholders

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The technology and industrials sector of the Indo-Pacific is undergoing three massive shifts:

  1. Strong long-term technology growth 

  2. Large-scale domestic economic growth

  3. Global trade & COVID-19 disruptions

These powerful forces create enormous  investment opportunity, but demand skill and insight to navigate the complex shifts underway.

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Our sector specialisation is a foundation for building alpha across the investment cycle.

We use our specialised expertise and relationships to generate:

  • Proprietary access to deals

  • Differential investment insight

  • "Build to last" growth for all stakeholders

  • Global investment exits

With 100% of our focus spent in-sector, our investment advantage strengthens over time.

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Stewardship and responsibility are integral to our approach of building lasting businesses.

We believe that a thoughtful approach to ESG builds better businesses, attracts better talent, creates better industries, and ensures a better future for all stakeholders.

These principles are core to our investment practice, and integral to the partnerships we create to build companies in our portfolio.

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