Our approach

We seek companies whose value and growth potential is overlooked.
We invest to build lasting business value in close partnership with management teams.

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Build lasting value

We focus on building enduring value in companies. We work closely with owners and managers to rethink businesses, build clear strategy, establish leadership, and drive strong execution.

We pride ourselves on being long term partners with deep industry knowledge.  We work with all business stakeholders – customers, partners, employees and owners – to build sustained value for all participants.

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Operational Empathy

We are not just investors: we are founders, engineers and executives, and each one of us has operating experience building companies in the industrial technology sector.

We use Operational Empathy to describe our approach to partnering with companies: patient, deeply informed, collaborative and energetic. We are able to attract world-class managers to work with us through our operational rather than financial approach to building businesses.

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Delivering Transformation

On average our investments increase the value of businesses by well over 300%.  We deliver transformative change at companies by working closely with management to build lasting business growth:

  • Building strategic vision involves reviewing market position, customers, products, and operating capabilities and creating a clear strategy for long term growth.
  • Building product roadmaps involves applying a deep understanding of technology and customer needs to create a focused, multi-year roadmap for building valuable products.
  • Building global customer focus involves re-orienting business operations towards providing commercial value to customers worldwide and across the entire product lifecycle.
  • Building leadership involves aligning management with strategy by establishing clear goals, culture, coaching, and business and equity incentives.
  • Building execution involves closing operational gaps, driving business pace, investing in growth, and building scale through operational and M&A activities.
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