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Mountain Range


Stewardship and responsibility are integral to our approach of building lasting businesses.

We believe that a thoughtful approach to ESG builds better businesses, attracts better talent, creates better industries, and ensures a better future for all stakeholders.

These principles are core to our investment practice, and integral to the partnerships we create to build companies in our portfolio.



Our approach to responsible investing begins with the very first review of each investment, and follows each company through its life cycle.

Novo Tellus has a standards-oriented approach to responsible investing, and we seek to develop ESG goals appropriate for the companies we invest in, seeking equity growth for all stakeholders inside and outside the company.

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Image by Thomas Vimare


Our portfolio companies aren't just supplying technology to the world. 

They're helping to deliver a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Explore what Novo Tellus is doing to build sustainability with the stakeholders, communities and global environment we operate in.

ISDN's clean industries strategy

ISDN clean energy.png

ISDN isn't just helping businesses move towards Industry 4.0: 
it's leading future industry by example. 

ISDN has reinvested a portion of its core profits into an exciting growth portfolio of clean industry businesses including 3 sustainable mini-hydropower plants.

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