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We favour a small portfolio of investments, allowing us to spend more time partnering with management teams to build lasting growth.


Across all of our investments since our founding, companies on average have increased their value by over 200% after a Novo Tellus investment.

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Partnering with Novo Tellus
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Active investments

Segment: Semiconductor

Structure: Growth equity investment

Atomica is a leading MEMS and specialty semiconductor foundry based in California, USA. It partners with innovative companies to deliver breakthrough solutions in photonics, micro-fluidic biochips, sensors, and other micro components.


Segment: Technology and industrials

Structure: SPAC

Novo Tellus Alpha Acquisition is an SGX-listed special purpose acquisition company
created to seek a distinctive and value-oriented business investment (de-SPAC merger) in the technology and industrials sector of the Indo-Pacific region.

Novo Tellus Alpha Acquisition

Segment: Precision engineering

Structure: Privatisation

Sunningdale Tech is a leading manufacturer of precision plastic components. It provides capabilities ranging from mould designs and fabrication to injection moulding, finishing and precision assembly. The Company has 9,000 employees and is headquartered in Singapore with facilities in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Sunningdale Tech

Segment: Precision manufacturing

Structure: Large-shareholder PIPE

Grand Venture Technology is a leading high precision machining, complex mechatronics module assembly and testing services player in Asia. Grand Venture is headquartered in Singapore with operations in Malaysia and China serving customer globally. The Company is listed on the Singapore SGX exchange.

Grand Venture Technology

Segment: Smart card IC modules

Structure: Management Buyout

Novoflex is a leading provider of IC module assembly and test services for global banking smart card and telecom SIM card industry. Known for its technological innovation, Novoflex serves a portfolio of global blue chip customers. The company is headquartered in Singapore.


Segment: Precision manufacturing

Structure: Divisional carveout

TDConnex is a global provider of advanced micro precision components for some of the world's best known consumer products. The company is committed to helping global technology leaders create and deliver the products that change the way the world lives and works. TDConnex components can be found in over a billion technology products worldwide.


Segment: Industrial automation

Structure: Large-shareholder PIPE

ISDN provides Industry 4.0 automation solutions to over 10,000 diversified customers in China and Southeast Asia. ISDN combines global technologies with in-house engineering to help customers throughout Asia advance their automation capabilities. ISDN is based in Singapore with operations throughout Asia, and is listed on the Singapore SGX exchange.

ISDN Holdings

Segment: Electronics manufacturing

Structure: Management Buyout

SP Manufacturing delivers electronics manufacturing, engineering and design services for mission-critical industries. With over 20 years of experience and a global presence, SP focuses on close partnerships with customers to build products where quality and performance must not fail.

SP Manufacturing

Segment: Semiconductor services

Structure: Growth equity investment

Tessolve Semiconductor is a leading end-to-end semiconductor engineering services provider with capabilities in semiconductor design, test engineering and embedded systems. It is headquartered in Bangalore with over 2,000 employees across North America, Europe and Asia.

Tessolve Semiconductor

Previous investments

Segment: Semiconductor equipment

Structure: Control PIPE

AEM Holdings is a leading global provider of testing and handling solutions for the semiconductor industry. AEM is based in Singapore with operations globally, and is listed on the Singapore SGX exchange.

AEM Holdings

Segment: Flexible/rigid printed circuits

Structure: Management Buy-In (MBI)

MFS Technology Ltd has grown to be a major player in the global flexible circuits market, with production facilities in Malaysia and China. The Company is headquartered in Singapore and serves blue-chip customers focused in the automotive, industrial, medical and storage industries globally.

MFS Technology

Segment: Medical consumables

Structure: Shareholder restructuring

Amsino Medical Group develops, manufactures, and markets FDA Class I and Class II medical disposable products. Amsino is US-headquartered, and markets its products under the AmSure brand in addition to providing contract manufacturing services.

Amsino Medical Group

Segment: Data centre solutions

Structure: Large-shareholder PIPE

Procurri is a leading global provider of independent lifecycle solutions to the data centre industry. Procurri's Lifecycle Services and Data Centre equipment businesses cover over 100 countries worldwide, providing a single touchpoint for its customers. Procurri is based in Singapore with global operations, and is listed on the SGX exchange.


Segment: Energy-efficient lighting

Structure: Privatization

Luma Investments is a private company holding a portfolio of high-intensity, high-quality, energy-efficient, branded lighting products and solutions. Luma’s JK and LUXIM businesses develop and manufacture electrode-less lighting for commercial and industrial applications.

Luma Investments
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