Keith Toh

Keith Toh


Keith is a Partner with Novo Tellus Capital Partners. Keith was formerly a Principal investor with Francisco Partners, a leading global technology-focused private equity fund, where he invested in sectors including advanced manufacturing, semiconductors, enterprise software, communications, and internet platforms.

Prior to Francisco Partners, Keith was an enterprise software product lead at Trilogy, and held engineering research roles at Stanford University and at the Ministry of Defense of Singapore in the fields of optics, artificial intelligence and operations research.

Keith has served on the global technology boards for the last 17 years, partnering to grow equity value at companies including ISDN Holdings (industrial automation), AEM Holdings (semiconductor equipment), Aconex Inc (enterprise software), Source Photonics Inc (communications), Numonyx BV (semiconductors), and Mincom Pty Ltd (enterprise software).

Keith holds a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering degree from Stanford University, where he enrolled at age 16 and graduated winning the combined faculty Deans’ Award for Academic Achievement.

(Note: Keith Toh and James Toh are not related)